About Dr. Jack Saxonhouse

Dental Practice Acquisitions

Office: 561-642-0535 | Email: jack.saxonhouse@doctors-choice.com | Location: Palm Beach County

Dr. Jack Saxonhouse has been in the transition consulting business for over 28 years. Dr Saxonhouse is a retired periodontist, former faculty member of a number of prestigous Dental schools. A recognized ADA dental practice appraiser, Dr Saxonhouse was also chief of staff of a children's hospital dental service as well as an attending staff member of a number of teaching hospitals in the Northeast and was also a past president of dental societies and study clubs and dental fraternal organizations.. Dr Saxonhouse is a Fellow of both the American and International College of Dentistry. Dr Saxonhouse's philosophy is that of creating a win-win transition for all his clients past as well as future.