Dr. Jeffery Rubin

“As you know I can be very direct and that is why I have been so successful over the years. I might come off as harsh but all in good business. Nevertheless when I signed on with you in October your method was different than the other brokers I have experienced with your company. You had your list of perspective buyers and went after them one by one. In all due honesty you not only closed the sale of my office in record time but from the very beginning brought several buyers who were ready to purchase my dental office. And to most people out there, this was not any ordinary dental practice. A large part of it was medicaid which many people do not want to deal with. Also most of the medicaid was oral surgery which again many professionals choose to refer out. However your persistence and goodwill thrived and with all those difficult obstacles you flourished and kept me in the loop and kept bringing one buyer after the next. So although you method was more unorthodox than what I am used to I have to say with utmost confidence that you are not only very honest but an excellent practice broker and I would without a doubt highly recommend you to anyone interested in selling or buying their dental practice. It was a pleasure doing business with you and as you said always I wont hesitate to call you if I ever need anything in the future. Great job Jerry.”