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It is my pleasure to express my gratitude to Morcie Smith, CFP and Doctor’s Choice for the smooth transition and caring guidance through the whole selling process of my practice. I finally was allowed to retire from dentistry thanks to his great effort, vast knowledge, and valuable experience. Morcie is an effective communicator with impeccable integrity. He is your friend who will take a good care of you. I highly recommend Morcie and Doctor’s Choice to anyone and I thank him for the seamless transition.

Dana Witkowski, D.M.D.

To Doctor’s Choice Companies, Inc.
I want you to know that the best thing about my negotiating the selling of my patient records was Deanna helping me through the process.
She was very professional and thorough. She outlined everything we were going to need to do. She kept up with the bank and their progress and she kept telling me we were going to get through the process. You should be glad she is working for you, and not the other side.

Thank you for all her knowledge and her helpfulness.

Dr. Mac F. Barnes

I would like to thank Marshall Berger for all his help with the sale of my office. He was extremely professional, on top of all issues as well as facilitating a speedy conclusion to the sales process.  I want to commend him for his excellent work ethic.

Thank you.

Dr. David Sachs

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Doctor’s Choice in my practice transition. Greg Jones was great  to work with. He helped to find a good fit for what I was looking to do, in a relaxed no pressure atmosphere. This process can be tedious and difficult at times and Greg’s good natured personality as well as his experience in practice transitions, seemed to help make things go smoother. They are a very professional, well established organization and I would recommend them anytime. Thanks again Greg.”

Dr. Mark Wilde

“I am so happy I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Marshall Berger during the process of my buying practice. He is knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. He was extremely positive and patient through the entire process. I couldn’t have done it without his help and full support! Thank you so much.”

Grace Lopez DMD

“I recently retired from my dental practice of 30 years in West Palm Beach, FL.  I contacted Kenny Jones for help with the sale who referred me to Dr. Jack Saxonhouse, one of his brokers.  Jack was very helpful in all aspects of the sale.   His experience in the field of dentistry and as a practice transition consultant has given him a wealth of knowledge.   He was always available to answer any questions and give valuable advice.  To my surprise there was an offer within a couple of months of listing with Jack and a smooth transition occurred.   I would highly recommend Dr. Jack Saxonhouse  for your dental practice transitions. He is the best and he cares about you as a client.”

Dr. Mark Grumet
“During the marketing and sale of my office records, it was helpful that Jack Saxonhouse was extremely knowledgeable and reassuring. The assistance of Jack and Doctor’s Choice made the process understandable and smooth. We even accomplished the sale while I was at sea. I would recommend Jack Saxonhouse and Kenny Jones of Doctor’s Choice to assist the sale of any dental office. “
Dr. Jeffrey Ginsberg
 “Greg Jones made the transition seamless as he was there every step of the way to smooth out the rough edges and questions from both parties, me the seller, as well as the buyer on both practice and real estate. He is very patient, detail oriented as well as a very pleasant individual. He followed up even after closing to make sure all parties were doing well and answer any new questions or issues. Recommend him all the way, no wonder they are the oldest name in the game and the #1 choice for practice transitions. Many thanks.”
Dr. Lourdes Calvo

Selling a dental practice as I learned is a complicated process. Without the guidance and professionalism of Greg Jones at Doctor’s Choice I could still be trying to sell my office instead of relaxing that the transaction was completed. Greg’s knowledge and attention to detail were instrumental in accomplishing the sale. Without him and his ability to problem solve I could not have gotten it done. I can’t even begin to thank him enough for a job well done.

Dr. Ricky Shaffren

“I strongly recommend Doctor’s Choice as a dental broker. Greg Jones was there with me every step of the way, keeping me on track, making sure that all the involved parties knew their roles. He was easy to work with, knowledgeable, always had great advice, and is a nice guy on top of all that. I credit Greg with finding me the practice I had always dreamed of and I could not be happier.”

Gil Bloom, DMD

Navigating the course of a dental transition could be a very stressful and overwhelming experience.  That is why it is all so important to have a skilled and professional expert championing for you.  I recently listed and sold my dental practice using the dental brokerage company Doctor’s Choice.  My experience with broker Gerald (Jerry) Pyser, DDS, was nothing less than phenomenal.   Jerry is fair, honest and professional.  Every negotiation presents with its own unique set of obstacles.  However, Jerry was always available to help navigate the course and smooth the way to finalizing the deal. I could not imagine going through this transaction without his assistance. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needed these services.

Khadine Alston, MPH, DDS

“I have been a dentist since 1983. In a recent practice purchase, Doctor’s Choice showed consistent professionalism which outmatched most I have experienced in my career thus far. Because of their experience, insight, and persistence I was spared from many hours of legal counsel (and associated expenses). As representing both buyer and seller can be awkward, they did an outstanding job of moving the process along, while facilitating fairness and providing sound advice to both parties. My new practice is as good, actually, much better than what I was introduced to; I have never been happier. I would use this company again for this or related services with no reservations.”

Dr. Mick Kiefer

“Thank you Kenny, for finding the best possible arrangement for all the parties involved, including and especially, our patients. The entire transaction process went “Uneventfully”.”

Dr’s Amy and Bruce Gopman

“Doctor’s Choice was my choice when it came to selling my practice. Kenny Jones and Dr. Marsha/I Berger made the process so easy, personal and professional. Thank you for your honest and caring attitude that is important today starting over again as it was when I sold my practice. There is no doubt that Doctor’s Choice should be your choice.”

Allan Gross, DDS

“I highly recommend Doctor’s Choice for any type of transition you are considering for your practice. Greg Jones recently helped me in a sale / merger of my practice. He orchestrated a win-win outcome for my particular situation. Greg kept us well informed throughout the process and kept things positive and always moving forward. It was a pleasure working with Greg and I am thankful to him for a seamless transaction with a very favorable outcome.”

Dr. Jeff Bartnick

“When other brokers couldn’t get my practice sold, I called Doctor’s Choice and Greg Jones and they got the job done. I am grateful for Greg’s help and extensive knowledge. If you are selling your practice I recommend that you call Doctor’s Choice first and save yourself the headache.”

Dr. Andrew Segelnick

“I would like to thank Doctors Choice and Morcie Smith for the excellent service you provided. The process was handled most expeditiously from start to finish. Your Company immediately procured viable candidates and calculated a proforma for a reasonable sales price. I would highly recommend your services.”

Dr. Douglas Edwards

“Selling an established dental practice is a very stressful and involved process. I was very pleased with how Doctor’s Choice Companies worked hard for me and kept me informed of what was going on. I would highly recommend Doctor’s Choice Companies.”

Dr. William Hagen

“I just purchased my second practice through Doctor’s Choice Companies. I am extremely comfortable in working with this excellent company who cares about my success. They are thorough, professional and serve clients with integrity.”

Dr. Donna Dicrescento

“I practiced in Boca Raton for 35 years.  When I decided to retire, my main concern was to find a dentist who would properly care for my patients and relate well with my staff. Kenny Jones did a fantastic job, always staying on top of the situation. Everything was done in a very thorough and timely manner. I highly recommend Kenny Jones and Doctors Choice!”

C William Blosser DDS

“Kenny Jones provided a valuable service when he introduced me to a retiring doctor. He matched our personalities and work ethics. He also provided excellent guidance when it came to transition details that I was unfamiliar with. His recommendations proved to be invaluable and made a smooth transition”

Roy Stark DDS

“Kenny looks out for your interests as if they were his own! The only man for the job!”

Jonathon Royal DDS

“Thank you for handling the transition of Dr Sturrup’s dental practice. I appreciate your professionalism and your ability to stay objective. Look forward to working with you in the future.”

C. Bruce Gordy, DDS

“I thank God that your company found the right spot for my new venture. I’m very satisfied with your service that dealt with the matter professionally and with friendship.  Thank you again Kenny and  God Bless”

H. John Park, DMD

“Thank you for assisting in the sale/purchase of my husband’s office.  You really assisted with a good part of those details that become a nuisance to most people. I, for one, am glad it’s finally over and my husband is a happy man!”

Gail Haupton

“Just a note to thank you both for a/ways being there for me during the difficult time of selling Bob’s practice.  You were always there for support and honest advice. It has been a long and painful journey since Bob passed away, but with God’s help things are getting better.   You are both very special to me. Thanks for being a good friend.”

Joyce Leeds

“Kenny and Maggie, Thank you very much for the wonderful job done by the whole office staff. You made purchasing a practice very easy and stress free. Your support throughout the transition has been a tremendous help. Josh and I appreciate everything you did for us”.

Sweta Gunnell, DMD

“My practice is in a rural setting and marketing is more of a challenge here than in a big city. Dr. Pyser was able to attract the right buyer, get us together and make it all happen. Thank you, Jerry…you’re the best!”

Ted Baker, DDS

“Dr. Tony Hodge was extremely knowledgeable and well prepared in every aspect. His rapid response to my text and phone calls was beyond my expectation in today’s time of business. I am very grateful to him and Doctor’s Choice.”

Dr. Scott Reader

“Dr.Jerry Pyser recently helped me to transition in selling my office. Due to his excellence in people skills, the process went very smooth and organized. When there were some challenges, Dr. Pyser was there at my side at all times to assist in working thru this process. I would highly recommend him to anyone who may be thinking of making this transition ,even if it is an early thought or idea.”

Mel Weinberg, DDS

Dr. Pyser provided me with invaluable assistance in finding the right practice for me. Thank you so much for your services, guidance, advice and professionalism. I could not have done without you.

Dr. Mariana Gitron

Dr. Marshall Berger is extremely knowledgeable, professional, helpful, responsive and friendly. He kept us posted every step of the way via phone, text and/or email. He worked with us to set a price and a buying strategy and was open to input. Marshall was absolutely wonderful to work with. He went above and beyond to help our purchase go through smoothly. All in all, he’s incredibly helpful and has a great team of people to help him make everything happen almost effortlessly.

Dr. Tamisha Denis

I am so happy that I chose Doctor’s Choice to help me sell my practice. I worked with Dr. Marshall Berger throughout the entire process. He was terrific. He kept me informed and guided me through each step. His cheerful attitude and professionalism made everything so smooth. I highly recommend Doctor’s Choice as well as Dr. Marshall Berger. They did a wonderful job for me.

Dr. Michael Scott

“As you know I can be very direct and that is why I have been so successful over the years. I might come off as harsh but all in good business. Nevertheless when I signed on with you in October your method was different than the other brokers I have experienced with your company. You had your list of perspective buyers and went after them one by one. In all due honesty you not only closed the sale of my office in record time but from the very beginning brought several buyers who were ready to purchase my dental office. And to most people out there, this was not any ordinary dental practice. A large part of it was medicaid which many people do not want to deal with. Also most of the medicaid was oral surgery which again many professionals choose to refer out. However your persistence and goodwill thrived and with all those difficult obstacles you flourished and kept me in the loop and kept bringing one buyer after the next. So although you method was more unorthodox than what I am used to I have to say with utmost confidence that you are not only very honest but an excellent practice broker and I would without a doubt highly recommend you to anyone interested in selling or buying their dental practice. It was a pleasure doing business with you and as you said always I wont hesitate to call you if I ever need anything in the future. Great job Jerry.”

Dr. Jeffery Rubin

“In any practice transition, it is imperative to use a “Practice Broker” who is dedicated, experienced, knowledgeable and understanding. In my personal experience, I found Kenny Jones of Doctors Choice Companies to meet and exceed all of my expectations. I cannot endorse nor recommend too highly, the service that was provided to me in such a professional manner”

Robert Williams, DDS